Tren and carbs

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Tren and carbs

By LjbJune 10, in Steroid and Testosterone information. Looked so full. Bodybuilding Forums

I wanted to go into the next level of cut, and I cut my carbs a fair amount, raised fats. So this week Im not as hot at night, and even though cardio is upped I'm not feeling as lean as I was eating junk. Because I can't think why I in fact look fatter than two weeks ago. You can eat more carbs and put on less fat compared to a isocaloric or higher fat diet with the same amount of total calories.

Also a reason why the famous "guru" george farrah let his clients run a very high carb diet with fats beeing as low as possible. Thats just what ive found out doing a lot of research on tren. I remember there was a study somewhere, ill look through the web once im home to find that for ya. But another reason for you to look fuller and more vascular is, 1g of carb needs about 4ml water to be digested. So assuming uve ate crappy carbs and higher sodium food, the carbs and salts could have depleted your sub cutanious water storage, litteraly pulled water from underneath ur skin out to use it for digestive processes.

Did you drink enough or more than enough water at this time? Did ur urine came out clear in the morning or more like smelly and yellowish color?

If its more dark it means u were less hydrated during night and thus can be the reason for looking like u did. OP had a few high carb days and retained a bunch of glycogen which made him look fuller and leaner and now thinks he's a special snowflake who can eat as much junk food as he wants while getting bigger and leaner.

Its my first time running Tren and its the long ester so im taking it easy I nurm go gym late on tren couldn't eat carbs b4 bed really bad heartburn. But didn't have a problem eating on it. Tren sides can be a bitch lucky I don't get the major 1s.Dave has built his reputation by helping others with his knowledge and experience.

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High Carbs - Best Results. Results 1 to 7 of 7. Mildly tangential experiences: I am currently running mg of Tren A a week right now and doing keto. I feel fantastic; no random sweats, no night sweats, no insomnia, etc.

On high carbs I sweated all night and maybe suffered through hours of sleep.

tren and carbs

On keto, I am a little sleepier during the day, I've noticed it is harder to wake up. I am dreaming a lot more and definitely not entering full REM sleep, but I'm still getting shut eye - at least 8 hours, minus the piss breaks. I've been told for years I've only ran Tren twice to eat loads of carbs on Tren because that's how it "works its magic".

tren and carbs

Obviously there's little clinical science behind human use of Trenbolone, so we're always left with those supposedly helpful phrases. And I'm beginning to entirely question exactly just what use carbohydrates have for us as muscle building peoples.

I'll admit that I am not far enough into my current Tren cycle to report a difference in the quality of size gained, however, and that's why I'm running this poll. Comments and derision welcome.

Sometimes I wonder if the sweating induced by carbohydrate intake while on Tren makes people believe that the Tren is doing something magical with stored body fat, when instead it's simply pulling more oxygen from your blood, feeding cells that oxygen its pulling to burn glucose which converts to energy or ATP. So, you might be getting rid of glucose and stored glycogen quicker, but that doesn't necessarily mean that a higher carb diet while on Tren is more efficient - it may just mean that it will yield more side effects, or it may mean that you'll burn off excess glycogen quicker which is good if you're on a low carb diet, especially while prepping for a show but it makes little sense to me to be eating loads of carbs while slamming Tren.

In theory it will help burn carbs faster, but why even eat the carbs at all? It seems to me that a lower carbohydrate diet while on Tren makes the most sense. What's the point of eating a shit load of carbs just to be a sweaty mess? I could be missing something. Last edited by Elf; at PM. I'm glad this thread was started. I'm about to start my 2nd phase of blast and cruise on her dose of test with trends added at mg per week while on keto.

I'll post results afterwards. Last edited by supbro!Furosemide, a diuretic drug made to treat edema. Popular in the body building community to reduce water weight for contest prep. Forum Rules. Anabolic steroids, bodybuilding discussion forums. Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread: Tren A and high carbs. Thread Tools. Tren A and high carbs. I have been reading that eating a high carb low fat diet when using tren can help with fat loss and lean mass gains.

I'd be interested to hear from any of you guys that had tried a high carb, low fat diet while on tren and, what were the results?? Lasix - Furosemide, a diuretic drug made to treat edema. If you ask me, if you will make high carb diet with Tren, you will feel very nervous because of too high energy levels. Insomnia, aggressionmental fuckings will double up. The minute I lowered my carbs tothe weight and fat has been falling off of me.

Punisher64 likes this. I think it also depends on the person. Some people, myself included, are carb sensitive and can't handle raising their carb intake that high. How much carbs is too much if you are keeping fat low while bulking??

Similar Threads. HGH and carbs and high sugar - Need advice Please. Replies: 7 Last Post:PM. Carbohydrates,carbs, carbs and more carbs. Are Carbs such a Bad Thing?Forum Rules. I agree, both are good, with great synergy. Var is milder and multifaceted. Some people are hypersensitive to Winnie. I've had many women complain about extreme head hair shedding, and having to I didn't notice any benefit when I took it.

Your mileage may differ Best, C. Remember Me? Register What's New? Results 1 to 18 of Correlation between tren and carbs? It's considered kinda magic formula, but whats the science behind it? I dont know? Beats me, but im on tren right now and i feel like i can go lift a fucking car Carry on Join Date Apr Posts I've heard of you have carbs within 4 hours of sleeping that's what causes night sweats. Truth is it increases your body temperature no matter what u eat or drink. Chark likes this.

Join Date Nov Posts 7, Androgens stimulate glucose metabolism and glycogen retention.

tren and carbs

Tren is the most androgenic compound we use. Originally Posted by GearHeaded. Originally Posted by Cuz. Are you saying when bulking with Tren we should eat carbs like crazy?

Only using 50mg eod also. Slacker78 and Cuz like this. Join Date Oct Posts Test Monsterone. Join Date Jun Posts Tren is not for horses, it impacts cardiovascular function.

Equipoise was traditionally used for horses, hence the name. Equestrians - equipoise, get it? Originally Posted by Test Monsterone. Join Date Aug Posts 1, BUTthats fine. GearHeaded likes this. Attachment Attachment These were the drug facts i got in this particular brand of Tren.

Pretty badass. I wouldnt say i was on a super high carb diet to me that is plus g carbs per day im lucky to get half that down.The process of increasing your caloric intake beyond your total daily energy expenditure TDEE in order to gain muscle. The process of reducing your caloric intake beyond your total daily energy expenditure TDEE in order to reduce body fat. Also known as trenbolone. One of the most powerful injectable anabolics in the bodybuilding community, tren is a nor compound much like deca.

It is known for its high anabolic and adrogenic rating. Tren does not aromatize, but will increase prolactin levels in the body. It is both hepatoxic and hard on the kidneys, it will also reduce the users natural T3 production.

Tren also increases feed efficiency. Hormone produced by the pancreas that regulates blood glucose levels. Also used exogenously by bodybuilders to improve anabolic process. Forum Rules. Anabolic steroids, bodybuilding discussion forums. Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 7 of 7. Thread Tools. Low-Carb vs Low-Fat on Tren. Whats up everyone. I got a question for people on the board. Especially since I have access to unlimited online full length academic journals due to my grad school.

People bring up de novo lipogenesis, needing to use hgh, insulin, whatever the person normally diets with, and many other things. I am just wondering peoples experience on here with their use of Tren. Which of these two approaches have you taken, what were your results, did you just continue what you were doing before, or is there some hidden BS in all of this? Mahalos from Hawai'i! Milton likes this. Bulking - The process of increasing your caloric intake beyond your total daily energy expenditure TDEE in order to gain muscle.

Cutting - The process of reducing your caloric intake beyond your total daily energy expenditure TDEE in order to reduce body fat. Tren - Also known as trenbolone. Insulin - Hormone produced by the pancreas that regulates blood glucose levels.

Tren is a great nutrient partitionerif you give the body all the fuel it can possibly use to fuel workouts and drive nutrients with carbs, then your going to put on more muscle. Carbs are 'Indireclty' anabolicand directly anti-catabolic. They provide your body with a quick easy accessible amount of energy that will be used efficiently so that your body will have no need to break down muscle or protein for energy. Carbs will spike insulin and will drive nutrient into cellsnot only nutrients and the storing of glycogen in muscle cells but also water and cell volumization add Tren to the equation with the carbsyou get the nutrient partitioning, protein synthesis and turnover, nitrogen retentionadded blood volume, increase in IGF1 which will be amplified with carbs because of the insulin spike.

ALL these things add to the Anabolic effect and help in building muscle. Couldn't imagine running t-bone without carbs.

I don't even think I could tolerate it. Dropping carbs would have quickly put a stop to my training. Originally Posted by Roush.So this is what its looking like so far:.

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All seems well so far, sleep is a little light now and feeling hot but no depression or ED so far. Libido is fine. My main question is how does my carb consumption look? Too low im guessing you guys will say. I know it all depends on my body and how I respond, but what does that number look like? Im finding it hard to get anymore then that into my daily macros. Your tren dose seems a little low, If I remember correctly you had a couple terrible experiences with it so I do not blame you for playing it safe.

My results for body composition have been good so far as I am losing fat and gaining muscle even though that is not my primary goal.

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I do not feel right giving you advice as you are much more experienced than I but I feel if you could bump anything up it would be the protein, if you time your carbs around your workout I do not think is that low. Hard to give a set number for one person to the next.

For protein when I was younger I could eat more and had the time to eat every hours and appetite. Now I do not have the appetite so much. Protein shakes are the only way I get what I need protein wise. I at least do 3x50g shakes a day, and sometimes another 20g shakes as snacks or middle of night when I wake up. Plus I do a handful of BCAAS, I mean a generous handful pre-workout and sip a light protein carb mix during workout, and hit 70g shake post workout.

Makes a huge difference for me. Ive been following your log, its been interesting. Its hard for me to eat that much and that often, I am a newly qualified MD so I am barely getting 5 hours sleep a night.

I am kind of carb-concious however, I may give the protein a go. Just wondering if there are any easy ways to get that extra protein in without increasing food volume.

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Thanks for the consideration with the Tren, I hope it works for me this time too. I am very cautious hence why I started the dose extremely low. But so far so good. BUDs, I was originally on g of carbs for the first 2 weeks before Tren prop and dbol and I gained 4kg. I weigh myself every tuesday and this week there was no weight gain hence why I decided to up it to g for another week to see what happens.

In regards to your post, I feel that number is OK even though currently its hard for me to hit that number without over-eating, bloating myself and not having an appetite for another meal. Also ive noticed Ive had to scale back on the protein to fit the carbs in. If your trying to gain wait maybe up the cals instead. What carb sources are you using?

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I have found when I lower the fiber I can smash a lot more protein with my meals while keeping the same amount of carbs. I eat a couple pounds of white rice a day, it is not filling, you can eat it quickly, and it goes well with any meat. If you are really worried about pooping you can throw some psyillium husk in before bed so it does not fill you up for your regular meals.

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Also honey works in the same way, it is straight easy carbs and does not fill me up very much.Excerpt: I've been reading a ton of threads on this but can't really find a solid answer. I'm currently cutting on mg a week tren ace and mg a week of test p.

What are your thoughts about carbs on tren?

How to Eat and Train While Cycling - Tiger Fitness

Is it better to to low or high? I hear people talk about the thermogenic affect of carbs with tren. I'm currently taking in g of carbs daily. Should I go higher or keep them where they are? Read more or register here to join the discussion below Please complete this form and click the button below to gain instant access.

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Welcome to the EliteFitness. Please join this discussion about Carbs and Tren within the Anabolic Steroids category. Results 1 to 4 of 4. Thread: Carbs and Tren. Carbs and Tren I've been reading a ton of threads on this but can't really find a solid answer. Heard once that tren inhibits carbs from turning into fat, and I believe it, for the amount I was eating?!

Still looked good too, abs, everything. Only thing: NO, ZERO, carbs before bed, every time I had em within say hours of sleep, sweat city, couldn't sleep, even my Girl was moving away from me I was radiating so much heat. Took awhile to narrow down what was causing it.

I think it was the tren burning, literally, thru the carbs. Re: Carbs and Tren Yeah I have heard the same thing about people eating carbs before bed. My workouts have sucked this week.

Not sure if it's the deficit or the low carbs or both. Re: Carbs and Tren Nah man! Tren Needs the carbs to do its work, low carbs will make ya feel like shit. I only go one or two days a week where I don't eat anything that doesn't run fly or swim. The rest is carb city, can't get enough in me. The largest bodybuilding archive in the world!

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